Expert SEO Consultant Strategies

It is a common saying that ‘you should never believe someone that says they can get to the #1 spot on Google’. When it comes to ‘Cost Per Click’ professional search engine marketing this couldn’t be further from the truth.I’m going to share with you one of my most guarded secret SEO Consultant tips to holding the edge over your competition when it comes to Google Cost Per Click marketing. I will disclose key techniques that I’ve personally  used to take a company from hardly being able to compete, to ranking #1 over their toughest competition.

Spy Vs Spy : Attain your Competitions Strategy

Your major competition pays allot of money in online marketing research. What most don’t realize is that you can attain this research with a simple click of a button. If you’ve never heard of you’re in for a treat. SpyFu exposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors. It lists their keywords, ad copy, marketing timeline, and best of all their budget. Yes, it’s ok to let out that evil laugh you’ve been working so hard on. Using a tool of this nature will allow you to position yourself directly beside your competition. From this Spy vs Spy position we dig even deeper to find the competitive edge.

Secret AdWords Columns to Rank #1

Google AdWords has a secret column that you can activate which literally tells you what the avg bid is to attain the #1 spot on Google. Yes you read that right. Google literary tells you what you must bid to attain the number one spot, and as long as you bid over that figure you will most likely claim that position. So much for not being able to attain the #1 spot. Here are some important things to know when setting up a successful Adwords campaign:

Turn on these specialized columns in your AdWords campaign: In your keywords tab select Columns> Customize Columns> Attributes >Add: Est. top page bid, Est. first page bid, Match Type, Qual Score

The Importance of Match Type

When researching and implementing your keywords make sure you change your ‘Match Type’ from ‘broad’ match to ‘phrase’ match. This is so important! The more specific you can be when it comes to your search phrases the more likely your clicks will convert properly and hit your target market. For example: If you are a web design company like myself and you have a broad match keyword phrase like ‘web design company’ you will pull in allot of unwanted traffic. Anyone that searches for Web, Design, or company will probably find your ad. When you think about this, that’s not the target market you’re looking for and you’ll probably waste allot of money trying to sift through targeted buyers. On the other hand a phrase match of ‘web design company’ would target anyone that used those 3 words, in a row, in their search. This is a much better method to qualify your buyers.

Beat Your Competitors With a High Quality Score

There is a hidden ratio that when implemented will bring your costs down and your ads soaring to the top. Lets look at a quick example of an Ad.

  • #1 Toronto Web Design Co.
  • Web Design & Marketing Specialists
  • See Our Work & Call Us Today

Lets quickly analyze the relevancy of this ad. Lets break it down into 3 parts. The title, the description, and the URL. All 3 of these factors play a part in holding ad relevancy. These factors are based off of similar keywords. For example the Title and URL hold nearly the exact same keywords, just in different order. The description also holds 2 out of the 3 keywords. This will be a clear sign to Google that this Ad is relevant for the following keywords – “Web”, “Design” & “Toronto”. Moving back to understanding Quality Score in Keywords. Your quality score will be determined in light of how close your keywords are associated to your Ad, specifically these 3 keywords. Ex: the phrase “Web Design Toronto” will have a high quality score, where as “SEO & Marketing” will have a much lower score and ultimately cost you more to implement. Here is the key technique to all of this: Do not jumble all of your keywords inside one AdGroup. Create multiple AdGroups that pertain to more specified ads & keywords. This technique will increase your Quality Scores and Google will repay you by ultimately charging you less for each click. Believe me allot the big players out there miss the boat on this simple technique. You can challenge their high budgets just by creating relevancy within your marketing campaign.

So in summary you now have the tools to: 

  • Analyze your competition’s marketing plan inside and out
  • Create a campaign that coincides with theirs
  • Tweak your campaign to attain a higher value
  • Outbid your competition to rank #1

So much for not being able to attain #1 on Google! You’ve just been handed the golden ratio of CPC marketing.
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