Your road to success with Search Engine Optimization Toronto
leading-locally-a-difference-maker-in-increasing-employee-engagementWeb Design 1′s main source of marketing in Toronto is reliant on its strength in market influence through Search Engine Optimization. We have found that fully optimizing our website has created a long lasting stream of leads for our business. We then turn these successful SEO strategies inwards to strengthen campaigns for each of our individual clients.

Why do we use SEO as our primary form of marketing?
The answer is simply ‘Ownership’. Through other popular forms of marketing such as ‘Cost Per Click (CPC)’ each business is taxed in relationship to its competitive field with a ‘renters fee’ that bridges the traffic gap from one website to the next. Through Search Engine Optimization these taxes are waved completely for the select few that make it to the top of the list. This then allows a business to steadily reap the rewards of the web traffic flowing through these outlets without ever having to pay for another lead. This naturally gives any business the opportunity to attract more clients and earn more money while attaining a serious edge over their competitors.

A position in the top 5 is a must.
Despite being displayed on the first page of a search engine result, a 7th or 8th place position is often not enough to obtain the desired number of visits from potential customers to a website. Over 80% of Google users make their decision from among the top 5 results on a search page or they start a new, more detailed search.

A top ranking – an invaluable competitive advantage!
An increase from 5th to 3rd place usually means more than double the number of visitors. There are a lot of effective steps that can be taken to achieve a permanent top ranking in order to get a website better ratings by search engines and thus improve its positioning. The intelligent combination and consistent use of these possibilities is what we call a “SEO campaign”.

Custom Search Engine Optimization Toronto
Every search engine optimization campaign is developed individually by our team. After an extensive keyword and competitor analysis is done, an on-page optimization is performed, if necessary. Any technical and content shortcomings that impair optimal Google ranking are optimized. Additional off-page measures will be taken for chosen keywords, achieving a lasting high ranking and an ideal optimization for Google.

Why SEO? Search Engine Optimization with Web Design 1.
Our SEO firm has been successfully developing concepts for search engine optimization in North America since the birth of Google and now provides services for Toronto, ON. The very principles we use to achieve high rankings within our highly competitive marketplace is put to service for our customers. As technology evolves we are continuously evolving our knowledge base with it.